Our Team

Industry-leading marketing and brand strategy experts to help supercharge your company from seed to expansion.

Meet Our Key Partners

Stephanie Lynch, Founder & Sr. Partner

Stephanie Lynch

Founder & Sr. Partner

Brand Champion

Bo Player, Research, Assistant

Bo Player

Market Research, Assistant

Research Champion

Gemma Langstrom, Operations Assistant

Gemma Langstrom

Operations, Assistant

Productivity Champion

Thompson Knox, Strategic Advisor

Thompson Knox

Strategic Advisor

Business Champion

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Join a curated network of highly specialized freelancers and independent companies growing our businesses while we do the same for our mutual clients. We launched Braver Element to enable people with marketing and creative talent to choose when they work, what they work on, and who they work with.

We tap into our network to build the right team for the project without any obligation or middleman markup to our specialists or our clients. It’s that simple. Let’s talk about how you fit in.

Our Mission

To help our clients and partners realize their full potential.


To create a community where individual talent and ownership can produce collectively incredible work.


To be the braver element for our clients and each other takes boundless creativity, determination, and a whole lot of heart:

We thirst to know, understand, and to marvel at the vast possibilities.


We follow our instincts because we know that failure is the experience we need to eventually win.


We believe in our clients' potential as much as ours and act like owners not an outside agency.


Without play, there is no learning and no potential. We defend joyful discovery at all costs.


Everyone who can bring something to the party is invited to the party.


We can work on a project or integrate into a team for the long haul. Whatever it takes.


Creativity is the current that runs through everything we do — especially things that aren’t usually deemed creative.